Surgia is a continent and a nation in the Pacific that is almost the same mass of America and Canada. It was ruled by the leader after uniting the young continent under one banner. Surgia then went on to build up its infrastructure technology and nation. using advanced technology it begins to augment its population. 15 years after its founding Surgia launches several revolutionary technologies that allow it to buils a powerful space based industry and economy in less than a decade throughout the solar system. believing their destiny is to to create a powerful transhuman society, it would stop at nothing to achieve these goals. no matter the cost. </p>


the nation was founded after the continent risen to the surface destroying most of the islands in the Pacific. It was then colonized by refugees, thinkers, and others from other countries growing to 400 million population. Ten nations were made. However, a mysterious militia consisting of 10000 troops seized a city taking control of its nation. It was led by a mysterious man known as the leader, a genius with intellect leadership skills and charisma. He eventually rules the small nation and builds a army taking 3 other nations. The United States tries to maintain its control of its spheres of influence and sends troops to stop the Surgian Wars. The Battle of Surgia resulted in a Surgian victory and the leader being unchallenged in his campaign to conquer the rest of the nations. On November 17th of 2 years of unchallenged fighting, the leader announces the new nation as the Republic of Surgia. and declares human cloning and genetic engineering and pretty much all forms of controversial science legal. it later outlaws religious promotion, leading to a mass arrest of religious members who for the first time in any nations history compose of a small minority. and are outcasts of society</p>


the leader began to build up the nation. at first it was hard but thanks to science Surgia economy skyrocketed. Surgia then builds schools factories and other infrastructure. the leader makes a speech about Surgia's destiny as a world power. it later establishes a military which although technologically advanced is not as funded as its trans-humanist research.because of the regimes belief that science and technology was a better drive of economic growth</p>


within 8 years of uninterrupted scientific advancements. Surgia creates super-races consisting of humans with animal characteristics and other augmentations to form an army. it was a hard process since genetic modification of human adults was hard but it improves with hard work. The stock market exploded with new technology, biotech, energy, environmental, and education companies going public. They were led by young, colorful CEOs with advanced degrees in the sciences. These men and women became icons of the new transhuman landscape. Procreation was now done largely in test tubes. Biotech was bringing unprecedented quality-of-life changes to everyone via human enhancement. To stay youthful, healthy and competitive with one another, people spent money on functionally upgrading their bodies and the efficacy of their brains. these brain augmentations improve scientific progress. Robots advance quickly thanks to new inventions. allowing robots to break the common sense bottleneck and grow autonomous thanks to AGI research. AGI has been built revolutionizing their nation and opening up countless more possibilities in all fields</p>


with the help of its technology and military it gains abilities to demonstrate its power across the world in the form of "peace-keeping missions". people go to Surgia due to its superior health technology. technological advancement is exponential due to growing brain augmentation and AGI. this leads to a intelligence explosion thus many breakthroughs one of which is fusion. the middle east would go through a small nuclear war a few weeks later(some have accused Surgia of causing it). due to this Surgia would go on to produce helium 3 for the world becoming the number one energy supplier. it uses it to build its science and to an extent a robot-transhuman military to protect its nation.</p>


the nation of Israel frustrated with the atheist state of Surgia funding trans-humanist parties in its nation calls for a global alliance against the Surgian hegemony. Surgia warns the united states to "control their dogs". Israel creates a anti Surgian treaty that is telegraphed to multiple nations. but it is intercepted by Surgia. On march 17th the news reports Jerusalem is attacked, it was later confirmed to be a nuclear strike on the city. Surgia then declares war on Israel and on April 10th sends troops to Israel with lightning war tactics . after 5 weeks of fighting a devastated Israel surrenders. Surgia makes Israel sign the treaty of the overlords.</p>

  • the establishment of a puppet state.
  • disbanding its military.
  • cutting all ties with Europe.
  • transfer of intelligence in regards of other nations.
  • all prisoners of war will be shipped to Surgia as slave labor.
  • the establishment of Surgian bases.


in spite Surgia having rogue nation status it was able through the help of its 2 allies Russia and china avoided united nations punishment for cloning and other crimes. the leader catches an opportunity to gain a permanent seat on the security council and takes it. Surgian ascension to the position causes great tremors across the world some saying it is an injustice and another one of the leaders power plays </p>


they launch their first mission to space designed to test advanced fusion propulsion to go 130 miles per second. the ship heads to mars in 12 to 13 days and lands a trans-human on the surface causing the media to dub it "our successors got there" others were appalled. the nation celebrated another sense of achievement. and is a foreshadowing of the world to come</p>


Surgia invents miniature fusion power and it revolutionizes their entire industry, AGI is common. the world reacts in many ways, some with shock and others with worry. their economy shifts and the government declares that it will work to create a space based economy. a large number are becoming equally biological and non biological due to the use of nanotechnology and neuro-morphic chips in their brains including other upgrades. 95 percent of Surgias population is trans-human in some way. regular citizens who refused to ascend cant get high paying jobs since they can not compete with their trans-human counterparts. the productivity and standards of living has risen. Procreation was now done largely in test tubes. Genetic engineering was commonplace, cheap and powerful curing diseases and leading to immunity to a wide range of disease.Reverse-aging enterprises and bionics were some of the biggest fields in science and industry. The robotics industry boomed, replacing menial tasks like cleaning, cooking, and driving. Time could be spent on more productive endeavors. These augmentations will improve the overall economy by enabling them do more work in less time for better pay. radical life extension is common practice ... all of these made possible by hard working Surgian trans-humanist scientist...both artificial and biological</p>


after research into fusion propulsion they quickly create the phoenix spacecraft which can be reused due to its plasma shielding. with its fusion-antimatter propulsion accelerating the craft at constant one G acceleration for 70 days, giving Surgia limitless access to the solar system with travel time within several days. the first manned one was launched in the nations 15th anniversary gong to the asteroid belt and back with 1 ton of platinum and gold. this new propulsion plus a revolutionary cheap space-plane enabling cheap large scale space travel, opened Surgia to the possibility of a powerful space based economy that spans the inner and later outer solar system. the ship is years ahead of Americas spaceships which have yet achieved 10 miles a second. it also cost of space travel is declining rapidly with breakthroughs in robotics and fusion and material science. Surgia signs the O'Neill tax act which decrees one percent of everyone's income will go to space development yearly, Tran-humans realize the potential of limitless economic growth afforded to them by space. soon mining and other economic activities lays the foundation for a prosperous space based economy. With the necessary assembly plants up there, and $10 per pound transportation costs, a whole new era of economic growth would be started with space offering a nearly unlimited amount of energy and resources compared to Earth’s current limits and the explosion of space tourism. self replicating machines make space industry explode. Already over 10,000 industrial, material and metallurgical processes have been identified that could be done more efficiently, effectively and cheaply in space than on earth. The first technology to benefit from zero-gravity manufacturing could be microprocessor development and carbon nanotube technology along with others. space mining is also supplying the nation with energy and raw minerals, in just five years, 20 years after Surgia's birth the nation is opened to limitless growth and prosperity and is experiencing the greatest economic revolution in the nations history. Opening the new solar system resources and environment to the public offers so many economically promising possibilities and grounds for optimism about the future.


Surgia has become the worlds first trans-human nation and is a technological superpower much of its technological growth being from brain augmentations and AI, ready for the limitless resources afforded to them by space. singularity is now a popular thought among them. cybernetic implants are growing mainstream as they slowly surpass human organs. genetic engineering is commonplace, digital currency now becomes the dominant currency changing the economy. artificial intelligence is ubiquitous, the leader resigns his position leaving behind a powerful legacy, it elects a new leader. this new leader is a immortal synthetic organism and was named Karellen(he is a humanoid but is not human with his wings and horns and brown skin) by the leader who he considered his son. he ushers in a singularity law which funds all work in that field ushering in a intelligence explosion. metabolic enhancement, artificial bones, muscles, and organs, and even brain-computer interfaces, They could run faster and for longer distances than the fastest augmented human; they could survive multiple gunshot wounds; they could cope with some of the most hostile environments on Earth without too much trouble. Intellectually, they would be considered super-geniuses – thanks to various devices merged directly with their brain. after that the cybernetic upgrades grew at a exponential rate eventually catching up with genetic engineering. Surgia has the worlds best medical tech as well. humanoid robots reach the heights of the iPhone's of other nations. Respirocytes are released which goes on to be used by much of the population, which provides athletic abilities and oxygen for hours on a single breath. artificially intelligent Smartphones and computers, reduced to the size of a red grape, were also implanted into the back of people's skulls and connected to their brain’s neural network. Technological innovation was rampant; people were always connected, always learning, and always evolving. Karellen is destined to surpass his father. </p>


the world outside of Surgia is experiencing massive economic struggles due to several factors. Surgia is the worlds dominant energy supplier which leads to wide spread envy and political anger against Surgia. using other methods for fusion has zero support in America due to the risk of radiation. moon mining attempts had been a disappointing financially. innovation is progressing at a linear pace(and stagnating) as oppose to Surgia which progress is exponential. political incompetency coupled with poorer judgment has ruined the world. this leads to the first pangs of world war 3 in the form of America being taken over by religious leaders who want stricter action against Surgia. Surgia in response cuts all helium 3 supplies to other countries causing a economic crisis of epic proportions. fanatics land on Surgia and try to try to attack Surgia with dirty bombs and guns. although they do a shoot out they are shot and killed brutally by Surgia's superior robot soldiers. it is revealed that the attackers are US marines. The religious fanatics hail them as heroes but Surgia decides that a war is long overdue!</p>


  • a artificially intelligent plane traveling at Mach 5 towards America lined with plasma shielding. Tt takes photos of American bases to test robotics capabilities as pilots.
  • genetically enhanced human clones are increased in the army.
  • millions of land humanoid robots are ordered into existence by the Surgian government.
  • America is taken aback by Surgian robot soldier capabilities.
  • congress discusses ways to impede Surgia's technological ascent, with little success.
  • Surgia declares that its armies will destroy anyone who threatens their goals.
  • Surgia severely bombs several oil rigs across the Atlantic and pacific in response to American anti-transhuman laws.
  • soldiers interface with humanoid robot avatars
  • Sanctions against Surgia hurt the world economy but barely affect Surgia's due to lack of dependency on other nations for resources, signifying Surgia's growing independence from earth's economy.
  • to regain Americas sole superpower status America decides to fan the flames of anti trans-humanist sentiment but in reality is prepping to steal Surgia's knowledge through war, since the leader was an American citizen it is theoretically possible to declare Surgia a 51st state when a war is over with an American victory, however the war is estimated to be extremely destructive borderline political suicide for both democrats and republicans with victory being less than likely. Surgia is forced to take action to assure their transhuman mission is preserved and maintain the prosperity they worked 25 years for.
  • technological progress in Surgia now moves so fast that foreign nations are completely out of the loop, Surgia's superpower status is without doubt.
  • America builds a second space station to match the transhuman space stations, but it's for weapons.
  • a series of confrontations led to Surgia shooting down an American airliner and an American spaceship trying to go to Mars.


America has declared war against Surgia which leads to an attempted bombing of Surgian cities which leads to them being them being beaten back by laser and kinetic weapons without mercy or survivors, all ground forces of 300,000 American troops are butchered by transhuman super-soldiers and robots. prisoners are not allowed to surrender and are tortured and killed putting their horrible ordeal on YouTube. weeks later transhuman super-planes are sent to all corners of the globe to bomb major enemy cities in the worse bombings in warfare. the warplanes make for easy propaganda, slogans "anytime any place they can bring death". fighting intensifies as Surgia's war robots bring death to America and America tries counter-strikes against Surgia's orbital economic zones( oneill style space settlements) that supply Surgia with its solar system resources and manufacturing. the battle results in American defeat and kinetic weapon strikes against Europe and North America. Robots target civilians and soldier alike on the battlefield, Surgia has economic durability and its economy is largely unaffected by "American aggression" forcing America to try other tactics. Surgia sends robot soldiers to America causing unprecedented destruction and death. realizing that defeat by the hands of Surgia army could likely happen American Congress begins to petty power plays with leaders with different viewpoints are battling for control of the government. election year is predicted to be a disaster of epic proportions. The US avoids using nuclear weapons because the Surgian AIs have sophisticated anti-nuclear systems and have threatened total annihilation of the US in the event of attempted nuclear strike. Realizing that continued war with Surgia will result in hugo-de-garis GIGA-DEATH, the US and Surgia have a ceasefire with US being seen as the loser, Surgia also declares the entire solar system to belong to Surgia. political chaos engulfs America and Europe as Surgia claims its birth right as the dominant superpower as America is now forced to play second fiddle. even though world domination is not pursued, Surgia uses this to continue its plan...continue the transhuman revolution forever and to the stars. this leads to a new era as Surgia's solar system civilization moves towards this purpose. beginning a new era for mankind.     </p>

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