(being made still)

The year is 2017. Hatred between nations has increased, a conflict is bound to come.

January 1st 2017

Milo Valen Wins the hearts of the American people over the others in the presidential election, so he gets elected.

January 27th 2017

The Arctic Sanction Treaty is signed by many major nations, which is to prevent any future claims of resources in the arctic.

February 2017

The American government starts mining shale oil in the Midwest in an attempt to reduce the need to import oil after ISIS gains control of most of the Middle east, cutting off the oil from western countries. Russia withdraws from the middle east. Europes demand for oil increases and russia sends massive amounts of oil to Europe in an attempt to destroy American influence.

May 2017

Valen, a genius, manages to push ISIS out of Arabia, who then joins Nato. Following Arabia joining Nato, the ISIS occupied cities riot and push ISIS out, with Nato support, Infighting breaks out in ISIS.

June 2017

America and Canada start building a pipeline to Europe to reduce the Imports from the Middle east and Russia. China Hacks America's banks and prevents them from being used and demands the money owed by America. America fixes the problem and declares that they will not be paying anything to China, which makes China Form EAPAT (East Asia and Pacific Alliance treaty) Which Includes China, Russia, North Korea, and India.

July 2017 

ISIS surrenders thanks to Valen. The Pipeline to Europe From North America to Europe goes faster than expected and the part that goes through Canada is completed quickly.

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