The rich and the poor

There, during a long time period, two great organisations, fighter against the biggest battle of humanity, death. These two great organisation one named Al and the CB, Al and CB were different in many aspect of their behavior over their customers. One were dealing with richer people, the other with poorer. Both had advantages. One with a biggest wealth, the other with a biggest pool of patients. Of course you will see that I am talking about cryonics. In medical science you must understand that the more you practice your specialty, the best you improve your ability, so CB has this advantage, in the other way, Al is richer, with richer people, which include rich relationships, and which led to perpetual trusts. The question about who will control and how they will control it, the perpetual trust is a big question. Will the interest be used for NOW, the famous battle with money remain: for NOW or for Later. Later will make the patients more important later, but now would make faster progress for preservation. We all know that CB won't be able to discuss about a later money, they are just more short term for the money than AB. They also do more preservation but the quality of the patients are less, in term of finance. With attracting richer people in their pool, AB could also do more experiment for their future patients and actual patients and actual prospective patients. CB is making cryonics more available while Al make it more wealthier. So there are two groups, two paths, two views, two strategies.

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