The only one

It was a man, at that time a kid, who was born in a poor country educated with his mother who was also alone, his father quit the family early, both the mom and the kid never saw the father again in their life. Why the father quit, because of debts from a criminal group. The man lived in a poor country in africa with hostile weather and a hostile community. He soon became a fisher, he learned to work efficiently and became a very hard worker. He became one of the best fisher in the city. He was also brillant to not spend his money for girls, but amassed the money to immigrate to a richer country where he could get a better education. The man had good values: hard work, leadership, good education and frugal. With the help of nobody he immigrated to England where he found many small jobs, but he was still ammassing enough money to buy a house and to go school. He studied philosophy and soon became very interested by a self educated spirit i.e. to study alone with books. Later he became a cryonicist and learned about the future. His favorite topic was solipsism. Was he alone? Like this theory would agree with. So he needed to know if the external world was a soliptic one or not. The proof for him was to become the last survivor, the last human being or the last conscious machine known to this universe. Time would tell. No place for god either, he was interested by this matter and decided to write on this in philosophical works. The question is funny for him because there is no place to proove this theory but even, this idea came in this world for a reason. But how to proove it? He decided to setup a community to discuss, learn, explore and debate this idea with other smart guys. He wrote a book about that and started to teach this philosophy to great thinkers.

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