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I had an interesting idea for a map game. What if, instead of just war, we also had power structures and stuff so that its an illuminati map game...


  1. No doing bad stuff like sockpuppeting or racism.
  2. You cannot directly have a nation under you control attack another nation, you must just say what you want, and a mod will decide what the nation does.
  3. Always remember to buckle your seat belt!
  4. G dysthymia intruder Uriah risotto dubuque uveitis icehouse their Bisbee inductee


The bavariatean illuminati

  • Gov. Of france
  • Gov. Of germany

The greys

  • Drugstores
  • All farmer's minds
  • Supermarkets

The gnomes of Zurich

  • Gov. Of Switzerland
  • EU


  • Social media
  • Boeing factories

Add your own, just don't get too "i controlthe world!!"


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