This article is divided into three parts, the first part is set five years in the future (around 2015 AD), the second is set one hundred years in the future (around 2100 AD). These first two scenairos deal with the current world system, the latter ends with the collapse of captalism and the near destruction of life on Earth. The third and final article is set two hundred years in the future (around 2200 AD). It is based on a totally different Human viewpoint of life and the universe itself. By this stage, the Human race has colonized the solar system and has developed faster than light travel (using a relatively logical means of doing it).

2015 AD Edit

This first scenairo is set only five years in the future, the world is much the same as today, except things for the poor nations have got even worse. Global warming is starting to seriously affect life on Earth, with only 20% of the British Isles under the waves by this date.

2100 AD Edit

This second scenairo is set one hundred years in the future and the world is still in the grip of captalism. Tensions between the rich and poor are huge, added to by the massive strain of global warming. As temperatures coutinue to increase, eruptions of methane deposits world wide push Earth to the brink of it's greatest extinction ever. When it is all over, the Earth is apperantly deserted... or is it?

2200 AD Edit

The final scenairo is set two hundred years in the future, Humans have defied the laws of physics and become capable of FTL travel. Humans now travel across space and have colonized many worlds. A massive restorian project is under way on Earth and in the depths of interstellar space, a message is discovered that changes everything.

Note on FTL travel Edit

I have included FTL travel in this partly because I do not agree with many of the world's scientists. I think they are arrogant in their beliefs, because we havbe only explored a tiny of portion of the universe. We will find out things we have never thought possible. So in one hundred and fifty years, the theory of relativity may no longer stand at all. I think it's just a question of finding out how to go faster than light.