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ForwardbuttonFuturology: Basics

The stated objective of the Future Wikia is to analyze possible futures. With that said, we can not directly analyze the future without running the risk of significant error. Instead, we must first break the future into many separate components and analyze them individually and synergistically, one step at a time. Our method of breaking the future into "areas" is only one of many possibilities, but as you can see from the following areas of the future, each subject area is particularly interesting, because we can expect significant technological developments from that area of the future. We found it necessary to categorize in two different ways:

Areas by Causes

  1. Social1
    1. Language
    2. Education
    3. Religion
    4. Culture
    5. Electronics
    6. Energy
  2. Political
    1. Government
  3. Physics
    1. Engineering
    2. Space Travel
  4. Biology
    1. Category:Biology
    2. Bioengineering
    3. Cognoscience

Areas by Effects

See also

For a list of categories, see Special:Categories.

ForwardbuttonFuturology: Basics

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