The evolution-technology ratio is the ratio between the degree of abusable technology, and the degree of evolution of the character of the people that possess said technology.

Currently, the character of humans is significantly more evolved than that of chimps, but not nearly evolved enough to handle the technologies that the species is currently handling. There are also different regional subspecies of humans, some of which have character that is more evolved than others. The middle-easterners and the africans have the least evolved character on the whole.

The most abusable technologies are those that impart their user with great power.

Nuclear weapons are one of the most abusable technologies, not only because of the massive death and destruction that they cause, but also because of the long-term genetic damage they cause around the world. Nuclear weapons in the hands of authoritarian russians, and soon in the hands of fanatical middle-easterners, shows how very poor the evolution-technology ratio is.

Many of the most abusable technologies are Orwellian technologies, that is to say, technologies that can be used to violate privacy. One of the more basic Orwellian technologies is the microphone, and another is the video camera. Microphones and cameras may be either visible or concealed. Those 2 technologies of course have many non-Orwellian applications though. Some Orwellian technologies are forensic. Some of the more basic technologies thereof are fingerprinting and hair fiber matching, and a more advanced one is DNA 'fingerprinting'. These technologies of course have anti-crime applications, but due to the unevolved character of the populace, many rightful or otherwise innocent acts are considered criminal, such that the use of these advanced technologies to enforce such backwards laws is reminiscent of Orwell's vision, but less extreme.

So, what happens if the evolution-technology ratio is high, and what happens if it is low?

If the ratio is high, then natural selection prevails. Natural selection favors rightful people when the intelligence of the population is high enough.
If the ratio is low, then the fanatical majority will use these technologies to root out the higher-evolved minority, ushering in a centralized, static dystopia.

At the current time, technology is advancing rapidly while the evolution of the population's innate character is static at best and moving backwards at worst. Therefore, the evolution-technology ratio is currently tipping dangerously low, leading us on a path that is closer to Orwellian dystopia.

This is a factual article as opposed to fiction or scenario. It describes the current state of the field and explains expected future developments without speculation or fantasy.