A man was travelling between star with his super intelligence kit. His goal was to consume stars in general, because he was obliged to do so. Each star was providing energy. This energy was used to travel between these stars, with a laser propulsion. When the man was travelling from 1 star to the second, he was obliged to build a planet sized mirror, to direct the laser, for his solar sail spacecraft. He was also obliged to build a Dyson Sphere so that he could power up his solar sail spacecraft with a laser, which could propel him to the next star, and start again the mega-structure. He was travelling in a suspended animation system, like an off/on light. Using each star energy and killing the small civilisation living around it. The star could be used for travelling only once. Between his travels, he would self evoluate, becoming more knowledgeable, more intelligent, so that he could control more the non or for welcoming civilisation. Each solar system could be used to multiply in the number of humans, to invent beautiful art, or create entertainment system, but not for the consumer of stars. The only goal for him was to use all the energy of the stars to travel more and become smarter and more strong, in term of military intelligence.

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