The year, 2057, the world has changed, crisis covers all the planet, because oil fuel is almost extinct, just some oil-rich, in development countries, still have some of the last oil zones in the planet. China's growing economy and the "dead of oil" has cause that this Asian power engaged with the Americans in a Second Global Cold War.

Former Russia has recently collapsed, in the 2030s, because of crisis, and ethnic nationalism, after uniting with Ukraine, Belarus, Moldavia, and the Central Asian nations in the 2020s to form the Union of Sovereign Eurasian Republics, which ended after some 20 years of existing.

South America, is divided in the spheres, with some allied with the Americans and other with the Chinese. Oceania is in the American sphere except Fiji with has improve relations with the Chinese. Europe has not changed drastically, with Vojvodina and Kosovo as the only new nations, and all Europe except rump Russia, rump Serbia, Switzerland, and most of the former Russian Federation republics into the European Federation.

Finally Africa has also some new nations such as the Federal Republic of Somalia, Somaliland, Darfur, and Juba better know as South Sudan. The Middle East continue to have scares of the War on Terror (2001-2013), such as the ongoing Iraqi Civil War (2015-today), the rest of Asia is divided between the two spheres, with de facto communism growing on some countries more, more, and more.

Now old NATO fights for world Hegemony with the Shanghai Pact , and treats with nuclear weapons. Will WWIII start?, will one side collapse?, or something unexpected will occur?

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