The Western-SPFA war
Part of Humanity's Course
Location North and South America
Status Cease Fire.
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine

Qinq Republic of China
Flag of Macedonia-Albania United Republic of Macedonia-Albania
Flag of Germany Germany
Flag of the United States The United States Of America

Flag of Turkey Turkey(formerly)

Flag of SPFA Spanish Portuguese Federation of America
Flag of Ukraine President Olof Chovus

Qinq President Po Diaoping
Flag of Macedonia-Albania President Dilin Logorecci
Flag of Germany Chancellor Edward Mullin
Flag of the United States President George Halford

Flag of SPFA President Rominea Vacilia
4,000,000 combined robotic soldiers 1,000,000 human soldiers

200,000 robotic soldiers

The American war started when Argentina attacked British land, since then they have teamed up with all of south America and Created the SPFA. Many countries are at war with it but not many countries are actually in combat against it except URMA, Turkey and Ukraine. They control from Nicaragua to the tip of south America. They are being pushed back by Ukraine, Turkey, China and URMA but they are still going strong.

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