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An average male Vel'takz

The Vel'takz are an amphibious species native to the planet known as Kepler-62e, but now more commonly called Obonda. They are a race of humanoid spacefaring aliens and are roughly twice the height of Humans, the average male standing upright at 10 foot and 3 inches and have slender bodies that Humans. The Vel'takz are a bipedal species and are generally considered to be ‘humanoid’ despite numerous pronounced anatomical differences. Their faces are characterized by large, bulging eyes, pronounced lips, a lack of any protruding nasal structure. They are omnivores, feeding mostly on plants and mollusks.

The skin of a Vel'takz is very sensitive to changes in humidity and quickly dries out, for this reason they prefer to spend as much of their time as possible in or near water. Dryness of the skin is extremely painful and even dangerous to a Vel'takz, and they quickly succumb to the effects of dehydration. Their reaction to dehydration is strikingly similar to the Human reaction to radiation. Their natural habitats include shallow river deltas, swamps, and rainforests.

They have two arms and legs, each having four opposable digits. They have longer necks than Humans which extend and/or contract when experiencing bravery, confidence, fear, sadness, etc. They are roughly the same speed as Humans when running on dry land but can be more than twice as fast when in water.


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