The Valkyrie project Edit

The Valkyrie Project is a project that started in 2025. It was designed by the Australians and so far two countries are working on it. The Valkyrie class skyship is the most powerful skyship made. It is pretty much an aircraft carrier that can fly and has 12 cannons as well as four turrets, 16 engines and has a crew of 1250. The first ship VS- Remnant is finished while VS- Reykjavik's pride has started construction and will be ready earlier then usual.

Decks Edit

Deck One holds the main bridge and senior staff quarters, Decks Two and Three hold the medical facilities and bathrooms, Deck Four houses the kitchen and tables, Decks Five through Eight hold crew quarters, and leisure facilities, Deck Nine is the mess hall making Deck Ten the storage area for food and supplies, Deck 11 holds secondary engineering and Deck 12 holds primary engineering, Deck 13 has the armoury and Deck 14 has the barracks, Deck 15 holds main control and Deck 16 has the landing boats.

Members Edit

  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia
  • Flag of IcelandIceland
  • Flag of CanadaCanada
  • Flag of FranceFrance

Current Valkyrie-class Skyships Edit

VS-Remnant- Australian skyship- destroyed

VS-Reykjavik's Pride- Icelandic skyship (with Icelandic-only modifications)- operational

CS-Steel Spear- Canadian skyship- operational

VS-Stirling- Australian skyship- operational

VS-Melbourne- Australian skyship- operational

VS-Endeavour- Australian skyship- operational

VS-Moonlight- Korean skyship- operational

VS- Rising Sun [Working Title]- (beginning construction)- Korean skyship

VS-Curzio (under construction)- Australian skyship

VS-Challenger (under construction)- Australian skyship

VS-Stigeon (beginning construction)- Australian skyship

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