== The Three Biggest Computer Games of the 2070's


Event Horizon - The Final Frontier.

Said by many gamers to be the best computer game ever made, Event Horizon saw players assume the role of a soldier in the fictional "Galactic Legion" in a vast galactic war against the terrifying fictional alien race called the Talang. Players could design their character to the minutest detail, creating his or her backstory before choosing their specialisation from a list that included Gunner, Infantry, Pilot, Tank Commander, Medic and Mechanic (as well as nearly thirty other specialisations).

The player then fought in hundreds of randomly generated battles, involving thousands of other players that spanned entire planets. The player's character could be recomended for promotion or medals depending on their actions in battle as well as being demoted, given dangerous duties or even executed by a firing squad for cowardice or breaking military law.

Friends could elect for their characters to serve in the same platoon, as "Pals", or players could simply enlist and join whichever unit they could.

One thing that made Event Horizon unique was the "real-life combat" element, namely, one shot could kill the player's character, and once their character died, they would stay dead. Event Horizon currently has well over two billion players, all of them playing an active part in the ongoing battle with the Talang.

Notable Event Horizon players include Kim-Lee-Sook, whose character, also named Kim-Lee-Sook, rose through the ranks of the Galactic Legion to become a General. General Kim is currently deployed to the Battle of Planet 67, along with the Galactic Legion 2nd Task Force. John Stanton was awarded the key to the city by the mayor of his hometown in Florida after the courage he displayed on the game during the now legendary victory on Pax-Minor, Stanton's character John "Doc" Stanton was a Medic, and saved the lives of thrity-four men who had been injured during a charge on Talang positions that was beaten back. Under heavy fire, and risking the death of his character, Stanton continued to administer aid to the injured, despite being severely wounded himself, Stanton's selfless actions inspired the men of his unit, who charged the Talang positions once more, this time capturing them and securing the western flank of their objective before the final push to re-take the planet's main space-port. Stanton's character did not live to see the final victory, however, as he was killed only days later in a blue-on-blue incident. His character was awarded a posthumous Gallantry Medal. Stanton's new character James Stanton is also a medic, and had already served with distinction in numerous battles.

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