The Third World war
Part of The Oil Apocalypse
Date 20th November 2033-16th April 2041
Location Middle-East, China, Siberia, Northern India, Horn of Africa, briefly North United States and Canada, briefly Venezuela, Antarctica
Result Chinese Victory

Uprising of China as a World Superpower

Collapse of the United Nations

Overnight Collapse of the United States

Destruction of Baghdad, Beijing and Dubai

Collapse of most Middle-Eastern Nations

Formation of the United Islamic Emirates

The End of Oil

United States

United Kingdom








South Africa





People's Republic of China

Saudi Arabia









North Korea



Joseph Lee (2033-2039)

Warren Evans (2039-2041) (United States)

Chuka Umunna (2033)

Naomi Wilson (2033-2041) (United Kingdom)

Renee Durant (France)

Laurin Rodenberg (Germany)

Wai Chung (People's Republic of China)

Mubashir Jafari (Saudi Arabia)

Ceyda Durmaz (Turkey)

Sultan Waahid Aziz (Iran)

The Third World War was a mass global conflict that lasted from the 20th November 2033-16th April 2041. It is the largest conflict in human history in terms of geographical area affected, but the second largest in the numbers of deaths and casualties.                                       

Reasons for the war are vast, and some date back as far as the end of the Second World War in 1945, when the Third Reich collapsed and many of the world's industries and economies had been destroyed or seriously damaged.                                       

Direct causes didn't emerge until 2018, when the world's oil consumption had suddenly rocketed, meaning consumption had passed a critical rate. After this, the world's largest governments, such as those of the United Kingdom, United States and Germany, officially drew The Global Alternative Plan in Geneva. The convention confirmed and established a World Fuel Alternative for when the scenario of the Earth's crude oil resources disappearing becomes a reality. Several alternative programmes and projects were created, and the convention continued annually until 2037.                                       

As a result of the growing global oil consumption, several national economies faced bankruptcy, including Brazil and India, where hyper-inflation and poverty had fallen to an all-time low by 2029. The consumption of oil in such countries was too vast to sustain and manage, meaning industry had fallen into hyper-growth and dominated the social world. The over-whelming growth eventually caused entire countries to completely collapse, such as Iran and India. These two countries suffered economic collapse in 2030 and 2034 respectively.                                       

Meanwhile, the People's Republic of China, which surpassed the United States in annual oil consumption rates in 2028, was on the verge of economic collapse in 2031. The current President of China, Wai Chung, notoriously declared most of Asia's oil reserves as China's, which sparked a great dispute between the United Nations and the Eurasian Union. In a dictorial fashion, Chung declared control of Saudi Arabia's primary reserves,claiming the continent's superpower as the rightful owner and ruler of all political and industrial projects. The United States held talks with the country, and President Joseph Lee and Wai Chung came to an agreement of sharing the continent's oil reserves by calculation of each country's priorities. This was soon abolished, and the People's Republic of China eventually fell into economic collapse in late 2032.                                       

Thus, Asia fell into complete anarchy, and President Chung officially declared a state of war had begun in the Eastern World. The country later required economic restoration, but Chung secretly ordered the invasion and exploitation of foreign oil reserves by bribing local governments. But, the UN detected an international threat as China created absolute downfall by dominating Asian reserves. The United States was forced to defend international oil reserves, and the People's Republic of China ordered its military to attack the Middle-East in an attempt to dominate its oil reserves. And so, the Third World War had officially begun on the 20th November 2033.                                       

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