The Third Korean War (The Pearl World)
Part of The Second Cold War
Date April 15, 2021-September 4, 2022
Location Korean Peninsula, Sea of Japan, South China Sea
  • South Korean Victory
  • Republic of Korea assumes control of Korean Peninsula
  • Escalation of The Second Cold War
Flag of South Korea South Korea

Other Belligerents:

Flag of the United States United States

American-Backed Alliances:

United States Pacific Command Flag Variant United States Pacific Command

  • Flag of Japan Japan
  • Flag of Taiwan proposed 1996 Taiwan
  • Flag of Philippines Philippines
  • Flag of Australia Australia
  • Flag of New Zealand New Zealand

Flag of NATO NATO:

  • Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Flag of France France
  • Flag of Germany Germany
  • Flag of Spain Spain
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
Flag of North Korea North Korea

Supported By:

CSTO Flag Variant CSTO

  • Proposed flag of the Eurasian Union Eurasian Union
  • Flag of Mongolia Mongolia
  • Flag of Vietnam Vietnam
  • Flag of Iran Iran (Minor Support Only)
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China People's Republic China (April - September 2021)
Flag of the United States Donald Trump

Flag of Germany Angela Merkel

Flag of the United Kingdom Prime Minister

Flag of South Korea South Korean President

Flag of North Korea Kim Jong-Un

Proposed flag of the Eurasian Union Vladimir Putin

Flag of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping

 The Third Korean War was a conflict fought in the 2020s As a part of the Second Cold War. The Chinese and Eurasian Governments both wanted the Korean Peninsula as a part of their sphere of influence due to China's Stand-off with Japan. 

Background To War

North Korea's Kim Jong-Un was approached by Eurasian President Vladimir Putin who wanted to help solve the Country's economic problems.  Putin proposed to help Develop North Korea into a economic powerhouse by industrializing it as well as to help solve the country's poverty issues. Forced to abandon their idea of Juche, the North Koreans Agreed to accept the aid. 

In September of 2020, Russia and China both wanted control over a Reunified Korea. The Second Cold War was growing as the United States had gained a strategic lead over the Eurasians. The Russians knew that if Korea became theirs, It would strike a crippling blow to America's Global Domination. 

When the CIA first received reports of a planned Invasion of South Korea, Donald Trump Immediately Responded with Force by deploying troops to South Korea, forcing many to wonder if the threat of invasion, was real. 

April 15 Invasion and The Battle For Seoul

North Korea began it's invasion on April 15, 2021 with limited Russian and Chinese Support. Chinese support was especially limited due to the fact that China was in a civil war. (By this time, the PRC was referred to as North China) The Americans who had been secretly preparing for this responded. Despite this, they failed to stop North Korea which had gained control of a vast amount of land which surrounded the South Korean Capitol of Seoul. 

On June 5, 2021,The Allied Forces Began their move to liberate South Korea beginning in Busan. It took them three months to completely free the country making gradual gains. 

On September 22, 2021, South Korean forces attacked Seoul and began a Forty Eight campaign to liberate Seoul which was successful. 

Tough Decisions, North Korean Uprising, Liberation 

With South Korea freed, the Allied Nations began discussing their next move. They had completed their objective of Liberating the South but were being pressured to push northward. The American Government feared starting a Third World War but knew that it would not happen.

On December 5, 2021, The Allied Forces invaded North Korea. Welcomed by Cheering Crowds People, they pushed northward. Many North Korean, no longer fearing their government, grabbed arms and began aiding the Allies. 

Eurasia maintained its support but China was now completely divided and the PRC had to withdraw from the campaign to focus on its own Civil War. 

By March 1, 2022, Most of North Korea was under Democratic control with the excepting of Pyongyang and an area surrounding it. 

The Allies began their campaign to free the city. The North Korean Army put up a strong battle but by St. Patrick's Day, they had lost and formally surrendered on March 16, 2022. 

The Road Ahead, Reunification

With the War Over, The South Korean Government set up a Provisional Government to help integrate North Korea into the Republic. The 23 North Korean Provinces were slowly annexed into South Korea. 

The Country was completely Reunified on September 4, 2022. Celebrations erupted around the world as well as in Korea.

The President who was already in power, was re-elected the next year but Social Democratic Movements began to gain support through the Peninsula (especially in the former North)

The Eurasian Union was furious. The country cancelled a summit scheduled to have been held in Geneva regarding nuclear weapon reductions.

The Second Cold War grew hotter and tensions between the four nations escalated to the point where the Eurasians wanted to invade the European Union. The invasion however, never got passed the planning stages.

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