The Third Hippie Movement (2178-) is an on-going movement often associated with the current Youth, but it's participants cover the age range of Teens to people in their 130s. Unlike the Second Hippie Movement (2098-2113) the current Hippie Movement is estimated to have a long term effect on society, Mainly due to the complexity of Social Stigmas such as Pure Humanism that either did not exist or existed to a lesser extent in the 2100's.

The Third Hippie Movement is often credited with Ending Bloodsport, the Planet's Rights movement, the near-disbanding of the Prison system and the Pure-Human Movement.

Politics and Media

Regions such as Europe, Cascadia, South East Asia and Siberia have large Hippie Movements and Hippies tend to be involved in everyday Political Life. The current Hippie Movement is very Political and Hippies often voice their beliefs on Media such as TV, Radio, Virtual Reality and Social Media.

Recent scandals around Hippies have been the result of the H-Dip (Hippie Diplomacy) where Hippies in a local, regional or national level will band together and buy off oppositional methods of news delivery. For example, North American News Network, which broadcasted 24/7 via radio, TV, Advertising, News, Entertainment, etc, was bought for over two billion Universal Galactic Credits after the International Hippie Community each pitched in $12-$300 of their local currency. This shocked many people worldwide as NANN was the Earth's second largest Broadcaster and was available in over four planets. This gave hippies much strength with the Youth as it was considered the most tuned-in Entertainment  and News Network by 15-30 year olds.


So far places with very active hippie movements such as South Asia and Europe have seen bans on Bloodsport, an end to Apartheid regimes discriminating against pure humans, a decline in trans-humanism as well as a spike in Drug consumption and a greater acceptance of Robosexuality in Europe, which led to its legality. 

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