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Alien Campaign Sectors

The Terran Campaign was the name of the military operation to seize the Sol System. During the Galactic Senate Meeting of 4228 (2017 Earth years) the most powerful alien civilizations met together and discussed many different issues. One of them was the valuable Sol System, which was home to a pre-light speed technology race called "Terrans" or "Humans". After a long meeting armies were readied for war. While the official reason was that Terrans where too dangerous to last by themselves, everyone knew that the Senate needed resources. Five civilizations where sent ahead of time to secure Luna.

Whose side will you choose? The weaker Terrans or the much stronger alien civilizations? Pick your nation and decide its choices during one of the biggest wars ever fought.


  • Owner
  • Admins
    • Vacant (main)
    • Vacant (main)
    • Vacant (main)
  • Map Makers
    • Dick Harrison
    • Vacant (backup)
  • Mod Response Makers
    • Vacant (main)
    • Vacant (backup)
  • Event Makers'
    • Vacant (main)
    • Vacant (backup)

What does each staff member do?

The Owner manages the map game and has supreme control over it. Admins help the Owner in running the map game. Map Makers draw the changes to the map each turn. Mod Reponse Makers decide how non-player countries will react to events and diplomacy. Event Makers create events for nations to react too.

Staff Form

If you wish to become a staff member then please fill out this form. Note: you do NOT have to have past experience in staff positions though it will make it much more likely for you to get picked.

Staff Applications:

  • TGamer15 Why?: Because more mods are needed and I would like to gain mod experience. Which one?: Mod response maker. I
  • Bingers: I'll have a go at backup mod as I want to become a good mod for the future and gain experience
  • Sidewinder: I am an experienced map gamer and mod, and have owned several map games before. 

What staff position do you want and why?

Do you have any past experience being a staff member in map games?

Why do you think you would be good for the position?

Warnings, Kicks, and Bans

  • Warned
    • None
  • Kicked
    • None
  • Banned
    • None

Guide to The Terran Campaign

In The Terran Campaign the player either controls a Terran nation, Terran rebellion, alien civilization (one of the five pre-created or your own), or alien rebellion. When you control the country you can make all sorts of decisions. Include in your turn things like new policies, ways you are growing your economy, how your military is expanding, any wars or conflicts, diplomacy with any other countries, etc.


  • Do not be overpowered or do unrealistic things. If any of the staff feels that you are being unrealistic they will warn you and if you continue you WILL be kicked and possibly banned.
  • You can join as a puppet state of another country but you have limited things you can do.
  • You can join as rebellions as long as they are realistic and make sense.
  • One turn will last for 6 months and 3 in-real-life days unless people do their turns quickly.
  • Players can only choose one country to play as.
  • Use common sense.
  • Nukes are allowed though you may only use them in self defense and against military targets, unless international law changes.
  • Players who haven't done their turn for 3+ turns will be kicked.
  • You may be refused a country by the staff due to inexperience.
  • Treat the staff with respect, or any players, for that matter.
  • The five starting civilizations on Luna have a slight advantage because they've been there for a bit.
  • You can declare war on other alien species though doing so will break the truce and everybody will be fighting. The Galactic Senate will also most likely stop giving supplies to the alien civilizations. For the sake of the other players PLEASE DO NOT BREAK THE TRUCE UNTIL LATER IN THE GAME.
  • If you start any drama or you continue drama you will be kicked immediately and possibly banned.
  • You can rejoin as another country if you die but if you are kicked you can not rejoin as the country you where playing as and you will be notified by an owner when you can rejoin.
  • Have fun and remember that this is just a game.
  • You must say how much troops you send in an invasion and whatnot.


You may join as one of the five starting alien civilizations, the Iclan (purple), the Orats (yellow), the Kodos (green), the Luj (black), or the Frab (blue). You can also create your own alien civilization though you will have no territory on Luna to start with and you will have to build up your base making you weaker. You can also join as a Terran nation, though you would be fairly weak.



United Nations


  • North America
  • Mexico and the Caribbean
  • Colombia
  • The Andes
  • Brazil
  • La Plata
  • Scandinavia
  • West Europe
  • East Europe
  • Eurasia
  • China
  • Turkestan
  • Anatolia-Persia
  • Arabia
  • North Africa
  • West Africa
  • Nigeria
  • Southwest Africa
  • East Africa
  • India
  • Far East
  • Southeast
  • Oceania
  • Luna
  • Mars
  • Antarctica?

Galactic Coalition

  • Iclan Empire
  • Orati Republic
  • Kodos Confederacy
  • Luj Order
  • Frab Republic

Turn 1 (January - June 2217)

Alien Campaign Sectors.png
Political map of Earth
Remade martian map tte.png
Lazy map for the moon.png
The Moon
Blank venusian map.png