The State of Tavalonian was founded by Lovoak Antwon, a former Avalonian, who discovered another planet in 2205, after Avalon was trashed by an asteroid the size of the moon. Avalon is home to most ruins, but people still live there. Tavalonia is located in the country of Utopiya. It is Russian for "utopia". Tavalonia is a culture place and home to universe's third largest city, Mavos, the size of two mega regions. Tavalonia's history has been mythical that it was claimed by the Greeks. But it is more likely to be the Americans. It has been said that Lovoak Antwon was Greek, but his parents are claimed to be mixed with native Tavalonian, and Russian. How Lovoak may be a mixture of Tavalonian and Greek names. The capital of Tavalonia is in northern Tavalonia, it is Motastok.
Tavalonian Capital

The capitol building in Tavalonian capital, Motastok.