The Star War
Date April 9th, 2078 - January 16th, 2259
Location Local Bubble of the Orion Arm

Victory for the Earth Sphere forces

  • Destruction of several Hikari Hikari colonial worlds
  • Near extinction of the Muron's and Zelosian's
  • Genetic Pacification of the Hikari Hikari
  • Loss of several human fringe worlds
  • Creation of the Marshal Corps
Human Forces:

  • Flag of the United Nations United Nations Security Council
  • Colonial Security Force
    • Future us flag United States of America
    • AU flag African Union
    • United Federation of China United Federation of China
    • Republic of India
    • Japan
    • Flag of Europe European Federal Union
    • Russia
Hikari Hikari Empire Forces:
United States of America:
30,444,553 droids,

27,503 tanks
20,080,532 UGVs,
18,504,895 UAVs
12,821,440 droids
51,932 tanks
14,435,230 UGVs
7,600,351 UAVs
United Federation of China:
11,037,000 droids
62,500 tanks
Republic of India:
13,773,300 droids
34,500 tanks
8,275,300 droids
13,500 tanks
3,500,000 droids
10,500 tanks
100 UAVS

Hikari Hikari:

134,002,430 soldiers
290,503 tanks
420,080,532 UGVs,
818,504,895 UAVs

The Star War, [tel:2078-2259 2078-2259] was the first interstellar conflict between multiple civilizations; Humanity and the allies of the Earth Sphere, and the Hikiari Hikari Empire. The war began with the slaughter of most of the crew of the ISV Entrepid during first contact with the Hikari Hikari with Humanity on August 9th, 2078. It was the actual war humanity had fought since the First Contact War, and was the longest and bloodiest conflict in modern history, lasting a total of 181 years and claiming at least 20 billion lives on both sides combined.


By 2078 humanity had visited every system in the 50 light year radius that encompased the Earth Sphere. Within that galactic quardrant humans were widely known to be at the most advanced species ever encountered, so much so that some civilizations considered humans to be deities. Humans were at the height of the Second Renaissance, and brought peace to their own world and those they found. This era was widely considered to be the golden age of humanity, and few could see an end in sight. In 2075 humans began venturing out beyond the Earth Sphere, not for the sake of expansion, humans couldn't reproduce fast enough to be overcrowded with the new colonies, but to explore the unknown. For several years all went well, new civilizations were discovered, and a number of small fringe colonies sought greater independence from Earth. In 2078 mankind made the historic first contact with the Hikari Hikari. They were the first and only species humans had yet encountered other than themselves to have discovered FTL independently. During the first meeting between the two species one Hikari Hikari warrior (Hotak Clan Clan) stood up and proclaimed that humanity was the flesh and blood incarnation of an ancient mythical destroyer described in Hikari Hikari lore, and must be destroyed immediately. The Humans, at first, believed the gesture to be a joke. All laughter was silenced when three other warriors showed their agreement with Hotak and beheaded several of the crew of the IEV Intrepid. The Intrepid barely escaped from the ordeal, and had to be decommissioned upon arrival to the human colony Hansen.

On Hansen the crew warned the local authorities of the threat they had just encountered. By the time the planet's local defenses had prepared for the coming attack the Hikari Hikari had already deployed a massive war fleet to the planet, following the slipstream of the Intrepid. Hansen surface was turned after only two days of fighting, all information regarding the coordinates to most of Humanity's colonies being destoryed before enemy forces could access them, thanks to the genius of the local Colonial Security Forces.

The only survivors of the fall of Hansen were the crew of the CSF Bastogne. The crew led by one Commander Tom Steele, managed to avoid the enemy fleet by making a series of random "Blind Jumps" to eventually hide from the enemy fleet. Commander Steele attributed the idea from the Halo Universe of popular fiction. Upon arrival at Earth Steele warned the UN that the Hik were extremely aggressive and that standard weapon systems were not effective. Present at the security council that day was then US Ambassador Theo Bell, who resigned from the UN and enlisted in the CSF the next day.

First ShotsEdit

While Hansen was a great loss to humanity, the UN Security Council voted to maintain its diplomatic status, forcing local defense forces and the private Colonial Security Force to keep the Hikari Hikari threat at bay.

After the fall of Hansen eleven years passed before another Hik ship was reported by the Earth Sphere, at the battle of the Hosta Asteroid Belt. The human flotila was completely destroyed, however one ship did manage to take down one Hik ship by firing its Hawking Drive just prior to succumbing to structural failure.

For the next fifty years years humans engaged in a number of limited conflicts with the Hikari Hikari, typically in the fringe losing a number of small colonies. Humans never won a single battle during this period of the war, but it wasn't until the fall of Barii that people actually began referring to the conflict as "the War."

The fall of Barii marked a critical point in the history of the Star War in that while the human forces were unable to save the planet, Theo Bell, at the time Commander of the CSV Marauder, a Normandy Class cruiser, executed what is considered by many military historians as the first "victory," of the conflict, and perhaps its most important to date. Leading the whole of the CSF navy in the sector, Bell successfully led the evacuation of Barii, over half the fleet was lost during the escape, but civilian casualties were kept to a minimum. The Hik forces, having enclosed the remainder of the human fleet, called in the entire Hikari Hikari Navy to capture any vessel with information on Earth. Facing no other option, Bell ordered the Marauder and the rest of the fleet to fire their engines and make their way toward the planet. Once in atmosphere, the fleet fired their Hawking drivers and made the first planet-side jump in history. The resulting blast from the anti-matter/matter engines destroyed Barii, and with it the Hikari Hikari fleet.

With Barii's fall, Theo Bell, was called before the UN Security Council to answer for his actions. Bell took full responsbility for the destruction of Barii, and begged the Council to remove the arms restrictions and directly engage the Hikari Hikari while they were weak from the loss of their fleet. His plea fell on deaf ears, and Bell was found guilty of knowingly destroying a human colony. Bell was disarmed by UNSC, and was sentenced to 500 years in Cryo-prison. The court granted him the request to be left neurological active, however isolated, during his sentence. Upon being sentanced Bell looked to the Secretary General and yelled, "You'll Kill Us All you dovish fool!"


During the next sixty years the war with the Hikari Hikari grew progressively worse. The Colonial Security Force was left to draining the penal system of any volunteers it could get to help defend humanity's worlds. In 2194, New Kyushu fell to the Hikari Hikari, the first inner colony ever to be attacked. The UNSC immediately called for an analysis of the Hikari Hikari threat, and after an extensive review at their rate of expansion, ordered the immediate reactivation of Commander Bell. Bell had spent the equivalent of 2000 years in neurologically active cryo-prison, after storing most of his memories on an external storage device, Bell was released and asked by the UNSC to establish a formal defense against the Hik threat.

The UNSC immediately established the UNSC Navy and Marine Corps, and began marshaling their resources to construct a massive new fleet to fight back against the Hikari Hikari. All weapons and test ban treaties were suspended until the end of the conflict, and Bell was ultimately given the position of Supreme Commander of the UNSC Forces. Among the additions to the fleet were the legendary dreadnaught super carriers that were instrumental to turning the tide of the war in the Earth Sphere's favor. These ships, each 3 km in length, were intended to be the ultimate countermeasure to a Hikari Hikari war fleet. Each ship was outfitted with a small air force's supply of UCAV attack craft, plasma weapons, lasers, nuclear weapons, and antimatter shells, the largest of which being the AM-99 Armageddon, which would crack a planet.

The fleet first saw action during the Battle of Omaha where the Navy miraculously defended the planet form complete destruction, marking the first victory of human forces. Over the next five decades the Earth Sphere managed to defend the vast majority of its colonies from destruction, eventually finding the edge of traditional Hik space. As the war raged, humans began to assault key Hik worlds that provided the bulk of their military's hardware and deployments. The most notable of these assaults was the battle of Von Prime, the largest Hik Naval yard outside of their home-world.

Battle of Hikari PrimeEdit

In 2258 the Earth Sphere's intelligence network finally located the Hikari Hikari homeworld, Hikari Prime in the Beta Pegasi system. General Bell immediately ordered the bulk of the fleet to depart for Hikari Prime some 200 LY away from Earth, in what would be one of the largest battles of the war.

During the course of the fight, where the Hikari Hikari emperor recalled all available ships to defend the capitol world, 10 antimatter devices were detonated, some 40 nuclear weapons, and countless plasma rounds were used before the Hikari fleet finally fell and the UNSC Marine Corps was deployed to the planets surface. Orbital kinetic and plasma bombardment crippled most local defense systems, and after a month of fighting on the ground, the Marines finally captured the Hikari Palace, killing the Emperor and forcing his successor to unconditional surrender.

Notable BattlesEdit

  • Battle of New Hastings (First Human success at reclaiming territory.)
  • Battle of Murona (Hikari Hikari forces glass Murona before human forces could completely evacuate the population. Only about 100,000 survived)
  • Battle of Zelos (Zelosians were evacuated before the planet was glassed)
  • Siege of Hermoso (US colonial forces manage to hold the world long enough for naval forces to evacuate the population.)
  • Destruction of Congelato (The EFU drop several large asteroids onto their own world to prevent Hikari Hikari forces from surviving.)
  • Battle of Omaha (First deployment of dreadnaughts)

Notable PeopleEdit


  • President Lisa Chan (President of the United States 2077-2085)
  • General Clara O'Malley (Supreme Allied Commander [tel:2088-2101 2088-2101])
  • Admiral John Fitzwallace (US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs [tel:2105-2115 2105-2115])
  • Proffessor Michio Kaku (Inventor of the Langston Field)
  • President Tom Steele (President of the United States [tel:2101-2109 2101-2109])
  • Admiral Lavrenti Kutuzov (Supreme Allied Commander [tel:2101-2125 2101-2125])
  • Colonel John "Mad Jack" Anderson (Commander at the Battle of New Hastings)
  • President Wen Jia Xin (President of the United Federation of China [tel:2115-2125 2115-2125])
  • General Theo Bell (Supreme Allied Commander [tel:2199-2259 2199-2259])

Hikari HikariEdit

  • Emperor Moru Nai Nai (Emperor of the Hikari Hikari Empire [tel:2020-2169 2020-2169])
  • Emperor Glau Nai Nai (Emperor of the Hikari Hikari ([tel:2169-2259 2169-2259])
  • General Grau Von Von (Leader of the Hikari Hikari Imperial Army [tel:2055-2159 2055-2159])



  • Mk.2 Mithril Armor: An upgrade of the first practical powered armor suit, the Mk.2 Mithril was built to give human soldiers basic flight augmented strength and speed, intel on the fly, and command over robotic units. The suit, however, proved to be good for only one thing against the Hikari Hikari: running away. Hik soldiers easily overpowered armored humans, and their heavy caliber exploding head weapons made the Carbon Nanotube armor useless. The suit was retired in 2142.
  • Mk. 1 X108 Alexander Armor: Leaps and bounds ahead of the Mithril armor, the Alexander in many ways turned the tide in favor of humanity. The armor upgraded the skin to an advanced C60 re-enforcing layer, with advanced nano muscle augmentation systems. Soldiers were now able to overpower the Hik soldiers and sustain more damage from enemy fire.


Following the surrender of the Hik Emperor, the nations of the Earth Sphere began a mandatory genetic re-sequencing of the entire Hikari Hikari species. The goal was to give them the ability to reason on the same level as most other intelligent species and prevent them from irrationally starting another conflict over ancient mythos. The process would take decades, however the Hikari Hikari, being social animals and recognizing humans as a sort of Alpha species, would not protest the actions. Glassed worlds began to be recolonized by their native civilizations, and humans began to take back their abandoned colonies.

One issue, however, did require the immediate creation of a new paramilitary organization. During the war, a number of NGOs sent out a series of seeder ships to colonize worlds on the fringe, 50 to 100 light years away from Earth. The DNA these ships carried was that of Homo Sapiens Sapiens, the unmodified human species. The hope was that these worlds could act as a back-up in the event that the Earth Sphere fell to the Hikari Hikari. Hundreds of worlds were colonized, and that left hundreds of worlds for mankind to reclaim and bring into the Earth Sphere. The greatest threat would be if any of these worlds (undetectable by radio telescopes due to how primitive their civilizations would be) were to become advanced enough to develop relativistic weapons. Projectiles that travel at close to light speed, and are almost impossible to detect until it's too late. This is why every single human colony enjoys the same social welfare programs and supraluminal communication systems as the Earth; the same reason for why any rebellions are swiftly dealt with; to avoid a rogue colony from attacking any other world.

To remedy this issue; several veteran soldiers were recruited into the newly created Marshal Corps; a paramilitary organization that allowed singular individuals to use any means they see fit, to infiltrate and coax a lost colony back into the Earth Sphere. The hope of the organization was to exploit Founder's Syndrome in local populations to gain their trust and through that bring them back into human civilization.