The Space Colony War

UN Ion Cannon Fireing at Mexico City

Date March 7 2099 – August 2  2100 
Location Earth Orbit, Europe, North America, Central America
Result UN victory
  • Construction of EOS Elysium
  • Fall of the Mexican Republic
  • Creation of United Nations Space Defence Force (UNSDF)
United Nations

United States

 United Republic  United Federation of China  European Federal Union  Democracy of Moscovia  Federation of the Pacifis Islands

Mexican Allies

 Republic of Mexico  Guardila Foundation

Commanders and leaders
UN Leaders

[1] Sarah Clinton [2] Vinny Cameron Martin Mandela [3] Medo Yjang

Mexican Allies Leaders

 Miguel Rodriguez

Casualties and losses

Military dead: 2,000 Civilian dead: 50 Droids Destroyed 5,000 UAVs Destroyed


UGVs Destroyed


Military dead: 7,000 Civilian dead: 500 Droids Destroyed


UAVs Destroyed

200 UGVs Destroyed



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