The Second United States Civil War

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The 2nd US Civil War was a conflict that started in The United States in 2017, and ended in 2018. Two sides were involved in the war, The Patriots, and The Peace-bringers.


In 2017, Hillary R Clinton was elected President Of The United States, which created more political division than ever before. Clinton attempted to infringe the rights of many states by forcing the Transgender bathroom law to be passed nationwide, Driving companies out of business with a socialist healthcare, and economic plan. Many Americans were against one another in terms of Liberalism vs Conservationism, Socialism vs Capitalism, Nationalism vs Globalism, Republicanism vs Democracy. Eventually, states started registering on national levels as being Liberal or Conservative states. Near the end of 2017, Clinton managed to pass the gun control law nationwide, Which sent the country into mayhem. Many Conservative States created their own private militias and declared Civil War. These forces combined to become The Patriots, an army of Republicans, Conservatives, Nationalists, and Capitalists.

To combat The Patriots, the Peace-Bringers were formed. This army consisted of Liberals, Socialists, Globalists, and Democrats. This army had an advantage, for they were considered loyalists, and were supported by the US government

The War

The Patrots began to attack Peace-Bringer outposts in Liberal States. They created a plan to plow their way through the nation all the way to Washington DC. Peace Bringers cut them off at Georgia, And created a setback,

On January 2nd, 2018, The Patriots managed to get high quality weaponry from a deal with the United Kingdom. Which caused a temporary break in alliance between The US Government, and The UK.

On, Dec, 24th, 2019. The US officials in Washington DC, surrendered to The Patriots, ending the war.


Many states rights were restored, such as The Right To Bear Arms. The economy returned to a more Capitalist form. The Democrats, Liberals, etc, lost much power throughout the nation. The now largely Conservative Government took and oath to keep the nation from such corruption as The Democratic Party caused.

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