The Second American Civil War was a series of conflicts which took place from 2037-2041. It was unique in that it was the first conflict which involved a majority of artificial intelligence as a replacement for manual artillery and transport. Human troops still remained, but 90% were fitted with Cyber-Fibre Armour, a special steel-reinforced suit which quadrupled the wearer's strength and ability.


The Second American Civil War came as a result of three primary factors: the control of immigration and citizen identity; the laws enforcing gun and weapon use; and the distribution of oil and other resources across the states. The most significant of these causes was the latter.

The lead-up to the war began in 2018, when President Hilary Clinton passed a national ban on gun transactions, and they were only purchasable through possession of a license and approval of the US government. This was a major havoc creator for states such as Louisiana and Mississippi, which have some of the highest gun possession and murder rates in the country.