United States of America


The Bramerian Empire

The Second American Revolution





The United States of America


Federal Constitutional Monarchy

Major battles:

Battle for Sacramento-Rebel Victory

Battle for Houston-Rebel Victory

Battle of the Plains-US Victory

Battle for Dixie-Rebel Victory

Battle for DC-Rebel Victory

Battle for New York-Rebel Victory


The National American Party

US Government

Homeland Security



Thomas Hector

Ron Brandy

Michael Richardson

Cassy Thatcher

Alex Phillips(Governor-General)

Richard Paul(President)

Tom Merrill(Vice President)



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Prelude to War

As time went on, with unemployment  continue to rise, the US experinced the Second Great Depression.  This was met with riots all throughout te US and in some cases armed rebellions.  With the US government under pressure the government crashes and is shut down.  This was met with the place ment of a military general as head of state until the problems could be fixed.  This only angered more people, especially with the new reorganization of states and without say.

Nwo usa 2022 before the fall by beastboss-d6lqieq

The new state division

This was so the military could control the population with greater effectiveness in each region but would cause an inevitable problem.

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