The Second American Civil war
Part of The Second American Revolution
Date November 8th 2016-December 30th 2028
Location United States,Canada,Mexico
Status Future
United States of America


United Nations Forces

Free States of America

Supported By:



Hillary Clinton

Ashton Carter

Ban Ki Moon

Martin Dempsey

General James Mattis

General Dunford

15 Million 90 Million

The Second American Civil War

Hillary Clinton is elected president and The Union is shattered.18 American states secede from The Union.The Union later declares war on The Free States of America.

War Begins

The Union orders a naval blockade of rebelling states.The Union also places economic sanctions on the Seceding states.The Union does this to evoke Article 5 of the N.A.T.O treaty getting most of Europe and Canada involved.

Eastern Theater

The Battle of Charlotte

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