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Timeline (Before September 21st, 2035)

(Note, the timeline is shorter because of the non-importance of this part of the timeline)

October 15th, 1993: Olivia Sage is Born

September 1st, 2001: Wyatt Sage is Born

August 27th, 2012: Wyatt Sage (With Brother, Stepfather, and Mother) move to Dubai. Meanwhile Olivia begins College.

December 23rd, 2016: Olivia graduates her college and she begins her time at a law school in Washington.

July 15th, 2020: Wyatt Sage begins his time in College and he goes to Tulane.

December 15th, 2020: Olivia begins her job as a lawyer.

December 12th, 2024: Wyatt Sage graduates from Tulane and goes to Harvard Law.

October 26th, 2027: Olivia Sage wins the election gubernatorial election in Louisiana as a political newcomer. She becomes known throughout the nation and they begin hyping her up for an eventual attempt to run as president.

December 13th, 2028: Wyatt graduates from Harvard and begins studying under Republican politicians across the United States.

October 20th, 2031: Olivia Sage gets re-elected as governor of Louisiana by a landslide. At her speech she lets her Brother stand right up there with her, even with his opposite political opinions.

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