The Sage's Rise

A story of a Families Rise

The Sage's Rise is a timeline based around two siblings named Wyatt and Olivia Sage, who, along with their descendants, help shape global politics for centuries. The timeline begins on September 21st, 2035, and I shall fill in major information about the timeline that occur before the main start date.

Character Information

The timeline itself begins when Wyatt Sage throws his hat in for the Republican nomination at the young age of 35. Meanwhile his sister, Olivia Sage, lies as the Democratic Front-runner, dominating the scene at the age of 43. Wyatt Sage has no true experience as a ranking member of politics but he has studied politics since he was 8 years old. Olivia was Governor of Louisiana for 2 terms before she was forced to leave because of the states term rules.

Wyatt Sage is what you'd call a Far Right (Possibly Alt-Right) politician who gains support through his views of Strengthening the United States against the rising tide of India and China. He also is known for being a very good persuader and actor because of his time in theater during his teenage years.

Olivia Sage is the complete opposite. She is a Socialist who gains majority of her support through he young liberals in College and just out College. She bases majority of her opinions on Bernie Sanders and other Socialists in Europe. She promotes easy immigration into the United States and freeing sanctions on Iran.

Timeline Length and Timeline Information

Once I begin the timeline I plan on having it eventually stretch multiple centuries and have it show the effects of the two siblings across humanities future. You'll see multiple World Wars and eventual wars spanning the whole Solar System. You'll see Democracy fall in some places and the rise of Monarchies once again. You'll see a new Dark Age, and eventually, you'll see a new Renascence. You'll see the future of humanity at its highest and lowest points, closer to its doom than ever before, and so far away from it that it seems impossible.

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