The Russian Empire, officially The Empire of All the Russias, is a country in Eurasia. It is an dynastic absolute monarchy under the rule of the House of Romanov. Russia remains the largest nation on Earth post-war, and is home to over 140 million people from Warsaw to Novosibirsk.

2000px-Imperial Standard of the Emperor of Russia (1858–1917)


After the Third World War, much of the world lay in irradiated ruin. Russia and it's allies China and India had gone to war with NATO and the EU at the tail end of the world energy crisis of 2031, as oil supplies dwindled dangerously and alternative solutions to the crisis were not found.

When an event of undetermined origin obliterated the city of Kazan on May 9th, 2032, the Russian Federation unleashed it's nuclear arsenal on the EU, the United States, and their allies. India and China followed suit in support of their closest ally, with barrages of nuclear weapons falling on Japan, Australia, the Western US, Pakistan, Israel, and Brazil. NATO, having expanded in 2029 to include Israel, Japan, Brazil, Chile, Poland, Pakistan, Australia, and South Africa, among others, retaliated in full force with nuclear strikes on Russia, China, India, and their more minor allies such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, and

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