Name: Rural Party of Canada
Founded: 2019
Political Position: Right-wing
Ideology: Agrarianism, Libertarianism, Fiscal Conservatism, Regionalism
Colour: Dark Green, Gold
Seats in the House of Commons: 0/428
Seat in the Senate: 4/106


The Rural Party of Canada was founded in 2019 to represent the interests of Canadians who live in rural areas, primarily in Western Canada.

In the 2020 Federal Election, the party won no seats in the House of Commons but won 4 in the Senate. Farmer Bob Allen (who was first on the party's list in Saskatchewan) was elected leader of the party. He served in the position and as Senator for Saskatchewan for over 25 years.


The party is generally fiscally conservative and socially centrist, but anti-environmental.

-Create a new Canadian Wheat Board that is directly operated by farmers.

-End the carbon tax.

-Better rural infrastructure and healthcare.

-More tax subsidies to keep young people in agriculture.

-Reform the senate so that provinces get senators based on population.

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