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2020| January 5th

Chinese president Xi Jinping announces that they will be taxing all "made in China" products escpecially in America, raising prises of house hold items across the world. He also sends warships to enforce chinas newly claimed south China sea zone. Americas response was to boost military influence in Japan, Philippines, and tawain, and limit certain vital trade with China.

2020| JANUARY 20th

Xi jinping sends warships to surround tawain, and secretly detonates a cyber bomb that cut power to tawain and US forces lost communications with artillery positions in tawain. When an American drone was sent to tawain to find out the cause of the loss of communications, a mystery source hacked into the drone system and sent into the ocean. Obama announced that tawain was in an "extreme situation", and that if China did not reveal its intentions with the country, they would face harsh reprucutions. With its power cut, tawain was un able to contact American forces as the Island was overrun by Chinese forces after two days of heavy bombing. Due to the cyber black out, America had no idea what was going on in tawain during its invasion.

2020 | January 25 th

With the power back on, tawains cyber black out is ended. American forces find out how the island was over run by Chinese forces and the UN launches a full investigation on the islands take over. the UN finds out that during the takeover, Chinese forces brutally executed thousands of people. The United states cut trade with China, and started to import from other countries. This almost crashed China's economy, wich was dependent on the "made in China" tax. Obama signs a due date of feubuary 20th, that Chinese forces leave tawain and all foriegen territory. China ignores this and the chinese president along with other high members, travel to tawain to announce a victory speech. Many citizens try to flee tawain by boat but are shot by Chinese warships, casualties mount to 200 thousand citizens. The UN and US announce trade embargoes on China and condem its hostile take over.

2020 | febuary 19th

The American navy sends 20 new class warships, and form a perimeter around the east coast of tawain. A heavy American airforce is present in the area. Obama expresses that military action will be taken if tawain and its government is not released by February 20th,the next day. Media announces that the world is on brink of a major show down between America and China. Secretly, xi pinjing drafts plans to bomb major japenese cities, and to defend tawain from an American invasion by booby trapping the tawain coast.

2020 | feubuary 20-25

American navy begins to heavily bombard the west coast of tawain. Airforce begins a bombing campaign on Taichung city, but it ends as air defense systems shoot down several American bombers. Artillery positions in Taichung city fire on navy ships and a battle of cannon fire erupted back and forth between U.S and Chinese forces. On another front, Chinese suicide bombers release chemical gas into Tokyo, killing Several high rank generals and devastating the city. With out a leader, Japanese troops only lasted two days before the capital, and sorrounding areas were captured. The prime minister and a mass of military escape to Japan's northern island and set up base in the city of Sapporo as southern Japan enters a bloody battle with the Chinese. America sends 10,000 of its best soilders to help Japan take back its capital, Tokyo, Airforce is also provided.

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