Resource Wars

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The resource wars

Clockwise from top: The bombing of New York, The finan cial Crisis caused by the lack of resources, The sinking of the Dao Oil rig in China, The bombing of Wyoming, A terrorist plane hijacking in Hartford, The collapse of the Eiffle Tower, The ruins of New York, An Anti-War protest, The assassination of English Prime Minister Elijah Goode, People fleeing Berlin are forced to abandon their cars because they can't afford Petrol, A mass Exodus of refugees in Americanadexico,Oil Panic as people rush to refil their cars before the price rises or it runs out.

Date 2038 (unspecified)  – 18th May 2041

(3 years)

Location Siberia, The Arab World, Middle East, Iran, China, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, South America, Americanadexico, Indonesia, Greenland, Much of the worlds important cities.
  • Peace treaty
  • Global Rebuiling Effort
  • Increased UN control and power.
  • Collapse of Americanadexico, into many smaller nation states.
  • Merging of the Finnish Ressko Republic and the Siberian Republic
  • Collapse of UNNA
  • Many borders redrawn
  • Reliance on renewable energy
  • Second Cold War
  • Later Creation of many regional and later Continental Unions to support Financialy disteressed Regions
  • Abolition of the Vatican City and other micro-nations in Italy
  • World Refugee Crisis
Main Players in the War

Indian Federation


Peoples Republic of China (UFEA)

Neo-Kazakh Republic



Commanders and leaders
  • Eliza Brown (Americanadexico)
  • Julian Ònate (Americanadexico)
  • Mao Chen (PRC)
Casualties and losses

Killed: 1,164,190,00+

Wounded: 593,494,000+


Diseased/other medical: 794,948,000+


Total dead: 5,383,000+

* "injured, diseased, or other medical": required medical air transport. UK number includes "aeromed evacuations"

'**'Total deaths include all additional deaths due to increased lawlessness, degraded infrastructure, poorer healthcare, etc.

The Resource Wars were a collection of battles, annexations and scrambles for the last remaining resources. There was no clear cut "bad guy" or "good guy" in the was like most and no country was allied with another (excluding the invasion of the USE) Due to the rising price of oil countries were forced to secure the resource for their possesion only so that anarchy would not take over as the cost of heating, food, water and other necessities would skyrocket.

The total, all counties combined cost of the war was over 1.3 Trillion dolars in Warfare and 700 Trillion in damages and repairs. 

The war ended after an event named the Great Exchange occurred, it involved the strategic bombing of cities with Plasma and Napalm. The average time it took to rebuild a city was 7-15 years with international focus on major locations such as New York, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai, etc.

The scramble for Resources

See main article: The Scarcity of Resources in the mid-21st Century

List of deminishing rsources

  • Oil (Black Gold)
  • Water (Blue Gold)
  • Tin
  • Gold
  • Natural Gas

2036 USE Oil Survey

In March 2036 an oil survey conducted by the government of the United Saudi Emirates stated the Petroleum levels were significantly than the truth. The USE government feared that if the stock holders, sponsors and investors in the State-Owned Oil producer, Emirates Ores, Oil and Minerals, were to find out the actual levels that they would withdraw funding, leaving the country in economic turmoil. This would prove a fatal blow to the human race.

Sahara Re-Desertification

The Sahara, at the time a irrigated lush oasis spanning all of North Africa, was to sucumb to desertification after a drought and heatwave brought about damage for the irrigation system, a agricultural virus known in history as the East Algerian Bright Disease, found it's way into the system. Within several weeks the World's Bread Basket had it's irrigation system cut off the attempt to stop the spread of the Waterbourne Blight. The crops failed due to the lack of water as it went into shortage by the time the blight had been cleared out of the system. This would give way, along with the Export Crisis, to the Global Famine.

European Water Shortages

In October 2036 Europe underwent a water shortage that returned in July 2037, but this time more severe, the UK, France, Germany and the Med were the worst hit as much of them relied on Reserves for water, much of that water also went into producing Carbon-Neutral Steam powered factories that became popular with Corporations in the late 2020s. The Industry growth in Europe was so high at the time the Corporations water supply tapped into the public water supply becoming a shared resource, this led to water shortages and the infamous German Drought of 2040. The European Governemnts would respond by cutting of tap pressure for 12 hours a day and later by cutting it off completely  and handing out Water Rations on a per person by age and weight basis, also with a exra allowence for Babies, Children, Teenagers and Seniors. This would lead to the October 2040 Water Riots.

Beginning of the Food Crisis

Global Famine

Export Crisis

Financial Instability and Crisis

Resource Rush



The Great Exodus

Refugee Camps


The Great Exchange


Financial Scars and Impact

Refugee Crisis


Health Cost and Injuries

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