The Resignation Of Donald Trump

Friday January 20th 2023 President Donald Trump(R-NY) Has Resigned The Presidency For Good After He Was Impeached After He Signed The Controversial Anti-Immigration Law In 2021 To Keep Illegal Immigrants From Mexico Illegally,Deported Illegal Illegal Immigrants,Send Them Back To Mexico,Separate The Children Of Their Illegal Immigrant Families And Massive Tax Cuts For The Rich After Democrats Was Elected To The U.S. Senate And U.S. Congress In The Midterm Election In 2022 Donald Trump Was Impeached By The Democratic Controlled U.S. Senate And Congress He Decided To Leave From The White House At 12:00 PM Noon Mike Pence Was Sworn In As The 46th President Of The United States Of America And Jeff Sessions Sworn In As The 49th Vice President Of The United States Of America Since Richard Nixon Was Resigned The Presidency In 49 Years Ago In 1974

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