The Flag of The Republic of Nations

 The Start.

After a Tourist from N.Y.C who was barely scraping by found the Constitution of the U.S on the ground in a Library he took it and rolled it up. He then knew he had the last remenant of Democracy. He took his group of friends and found a van and managed to fill it with gathered Gas. The Tourist, Daniel Arboch managed to be able to take a piece of civilization and rekindle the world

His friend, Albert Fredrickson found several Solar Panels in a plant and had an idea. After managing to coax his friends they managed to get two more Pick-Up Trucks. It was a month and they were supposed to leave 3 weeks ago. The get all the materials plus fertilizer and tools for farming plus seeds. Being an engineer/mechanic he also took several Prius engines and took them along

After the planning in D.C the band of founders managed to reach 75 and create a convoy with other survivors on the route to NY. They managed to get about three years worth of canned goods. Enough Solar Panels to supply a small neighborhood. Also they found more Mulch, Vacines and a Crazy Doctor who managed to nurse several injured group members back to health

Finally after making it to NY they found about 10,000 survivors, who were mostly dying by the time they reached there. By the time they established base only 6,000 people were left. In one month they turned Staten Island to a farm and managed to start megearly feeding the survivoring 6,000 with about a meal or two per day. Compared to Pre-Founder conditions, this was a feast.

Finally after a year they managed to get a sense of order back. Two Consitutions were made. One by the original founders of the country and one by a series of half-fed survivors with a partially broken Ink-Jet Printer (Currently in the Museum of World History in NYC in the Musuem District) and 2002 Windows XP Computer using power from a car battery the constitution was faded in some areas and even partially ripped. 

To Be Continued

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