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The Republic Of America (Also known as The American Republic, or New America) is a nation established halfway through The War On The New Order (Also known as World War 3). It was formed out of the ashes of The United States Of America, which fell due to invasion and a broken economy.


Very much like that of The United States of America. The culture corresponds and relates strongly to other western civilizations, such as Canada, and Mexico.


As it's title implies, it is run by a republic based system of governing. Political views on life have changed significantly from the USA, and majority of citizens carry a Conservative/Republican view on politics, and many ideals related to Liberalism are often looked down upon. Political correctness is almost non-existent.

Political Parties

  1. National Republican Party
  2. National Conservative Party
  3. New Democratic Party
  4. Trenophin Party
  5. Social Emphases Party
  6. Greene Party
  7. West Rule Party
  8. Jayden Cowell Party
  9. Workers Party Of Freedom
  10. Northern Communist Party (Demolished) (No Longer Active)

Presidential Elections

A candidate is nominated from each political party in the nation. In modern case, there would be 9 of them. These candidates go through a series of polls and minor elections to lower the numbers down to 4. Then the primary election decides the final candidate who becomes president.


  • Adalpha
  • Helton
  • Brington
  • Conotill
  • New Florida
  • New Carolina
  • Rosie
  • Carleton


  1. Rick Hayven- National Republican Party 2023-2027
  2. Adam Finnick- West Rule Party 2028-2032
  3. Rick Remington- National Republican Party 2033-2037
  4. Joseph Baker- National Republican Party 2038 - 2042
  5. Cassie Heral- West Rule Party 2043 - 2047
  6. David Johnson- National Conservative Party 2048 - 2052


  • United Kingdom
  • Russia
  • Mexico
  • Canada
  • Kyrat
  • North Korea
  • South Korea
  • Pravus
  • Achien Island

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