The Rebellion Conflict 2027-????

The Rebellion Conflict was a war fought by the Freedom Coalition (Florida, Mexico, New York, Argentina, and Spain), against the Communist Alliance (Georgia, Texas, North Korea, and China). It went on for at least 17 years, and was one of the longest conflicts in world history. The winner is yet to be determined.


While there is some debate, most say the war started when China invaded the new democratic Mexico. For a while, bloody trench warfare took place, and the war became a stalemate in Northern Mexico. However, in the year 2028, Florida rose up from the ashes. It immediately sided with Mexico, and continued the fight. Between 2028-2033, 4 nations alone rose up against China, but they managed to hold their ground. At the end of the first 5 years, China still had firm control over the land.

Winner: China


The first years of 2033-2033 saw Spain go against the Chinese, mainly offering Naval support. This greatly helped the North American fighters, as they could focus on the land battles. China was becoming strapped, and the Coalition started to win a few battles, mostly in Tennessee. It was only in the Summer of 2036 did the Chinese gain an ally, the North Koreans. Again, this country mainly offered Naval support, and only sent around 500,000 troops to North America. The years of 2037-2038 were a time of development in technology and pride, as new types of AI were released on the battlefield. Also, during 2037, almost all the present countries made up a new national anthem, and then shared it. At the end of it all, it appeared to be a draw between the two powers.

Winner: None.


Countries who fought

Freedom Coalition (as of 2042):

Florida: Invaded but troop fighting, fate unknown

Mexico: Invaded but troop fighting, fate unknown

Argentina: Gave arms, fate unknown

Spain: Naval support, fate unknown

New York: Troops fighting, fate unknown


China and its allies (as of 2042):

China: Fighting a war on all fronts, fate unknown

North Korea: Naval and troop fighting, fate unknown

Texas: Defensive and troops fighting, fate unknown

Georgia: Troops fighting, fate unknown

Union Of South American States (Colombia) if panama Costa Rica/ And Venezuela join).

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