• Toyota buys General Motors, and it transforms into Jidōsha Supergroup. Toyota and General Motors resolve, into Jidōsha.


  • Citigroup acquires Capital One, and Comerica Bank. Citigroup plans to open 100,000 banks globally by the year 2025.


  • AT&T acquires A&E Networks, and Paramount Studios from Viacom.


  • Disney changes Marvel Entertainment to DisneyARTS Entertainment (Changing Marvel Comics to Disney Comics.) Many kids cartoons on Disney Channel (and some live action shows) are making comics. They also acquire Netflix.


  • The Big Merge of Royal Dutch Shell and British Petroleum is the biggest merge in the history of mergers. They are now known as Royal Petroleum, Incorporated, but headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Sears terminates K-Mart, calling it Sears Market.
  • Wal-Mart and Target merge competing with Sears.


  • Citigroup buys Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company.
  • Canadian television and American television companies, Turner Broadcasting System and Corus Entertainment merge, creating a multinational company, when Canadamerica forms.


  • The Kroger Holdings buys Dollar Tree.
  • Wal-Mart buys Russian chain Sedmoi Kontinent

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