The Polish Federation is the reform group for Planet Earth, after The Great Exodus of Daktembur (December) 25th, 5015. They are the last Empire on Earth, and are uniting all of Earth once and for all!

History of the Polish Federation


The Polish Federation was conceived on Daktembur 27th of 5015. In this time, the "Great Exodus" ended. The "Great Exodus" was when all Space-faring empires left Earth ... for good. Poland, like its prediction 3,000 years ago, sadly said (, did not join the Exodus. Because of this, Poland decided to unite all of the Landmasses on Earth, and start a "Third Renaissance", just for Poland and its divisions. In this, Poland swears to get revenge on all of the Empires that bullied them, and get Universal Peace, once and for all!



Flag of Polan

The Flag of the Polish Federation of Earth

Largest Cities:

Warsaw: 55,768,428

Shanghai: 54,783,527

Canberra: 51,429,756

Anchorage: 45,671,543

Zimbabwe: 39,652,342

Largest Colonies:

New New York: 978

Aldrinton: 762

Aquapolis: 532


1. Henrik Haussengarf II 5020-5040

2. Henrik Haussengarf III 5040-5080

3. Josia Meit 5080-5090

4. Erigah Wadik 5090-6020

5. Twak Ulumungulu 6020-6030* *Died of Monoculaian Influenza at 6024, Husband took place.

6. Wejidksh Daffengur 6030-present (6050)