The Pledges of Allegiance to Earth were written by Andromeda Romero, the Head of the UN council for Human Co-Operation in 2108. All nations, excluding The United Commonwealth, have signed the 2119 Petition to impliment the Pledge in places of work and school.

The Pledge

They read as follows:

"I, a citizen of Earth and human nurished in the diversity of our great Planet promise to keep in mind my Planet and my Species in my daily life. I promise to abstain from all international and communital activities non-beneficial to my self and my fellow being. I promise to abstain from violence, discrimination and apathy, and shall make sure my representative bodies [politicians] do the same. I Pledge allegiance to Earth above all Foreign Nations, Planets. To keep alive her diverse culture and protect all Earth Ideas, ideologies and concepts above those alien to the homeland of all space occupants."


The Pledge has been acredited to the lowering of Discrimination, mainly to Pure Humans.