The Parliamentary States of America is a new constiutional Monarchy that goes back to the good ol days of having kings and queens and that stuff. While in the 1770s or somewhere around there, we got a little aggressive and fought a war to create an democracy. Now, with the hassle of voting for the Presidents, a monarchy was established and the new US constitution was established, giving more personal liberties and freedoms that what it was used during the time of the President. Throughout the later part of the United States, the president was treated more like a King and a first lady as a Queen. The white house is in a layout of a royal palace. There is also tabloid gossip about the President more than the Queen of England.

We will have elections too, to vote for a prime minister. The states create the government and elimate congress. The midterm elections become a thing of the pass. The first King and Queen will be Prince William.

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