The New World Order of Earth

The secondary Flag of Earth

World emblem
Flag National Emblem


O' Our Mighty Leaders

Capital Denver
Largest city Bejing
Official languages

English, Spanish, Mandrian,

Recognised regional languages NONE-restrictions on access to culture.
Demonym Human
 -  Council of 8
 -  The Bilderburg Group
 -  The Meeting of 300
 -  The United Nations
 -  Total 9,596,961 km2[e](3rd/4th)

3,705,407 sq mi

 -  Water (%) 0.28%[f]
 -  2043 Census 1,060,380,000

The Illumin

The Illumin Credit

Time zone Earth Standard Time
Drives on the right

The New World Order of Earth is a Fascist Totalitarian State ruled by the Elite. It encompasses the entire span of Planet Earth, it was unified in 2026 during Black Wednesday where the world was seized in mere hours. It sustains a population of one billion active citizens. 


The running of the New World Order of Earth is done from behind the curtains. The planets eight most influential and powerful figures meet numerous times a month in their compound in Denver International Airport, Denver City. They are considered to be the most powerful people on the planet and have the ability to over-rule any decision made by other political bodies

The second most powerful group is the Bilderburg Group, a collection of 150 of Earths most powerful including the members of the Council of Eight.