"The New World" is a commonly used term to refer to the current era. This phrase generally refers to the political, social, economic, and cultural course the world has taken since the 2020-2040s.

Origins of The New World Edit

One event commonly associated with kick-starting The New World is the creation of The Republic of America. In the late 2010s, The United States of America was deeply divided politically and socially. This led to the assassination of the 45th US President Donald Trump, and the Vice President by left wing radicals. This started a chain of events in the USA which eventually led to the Conservative Revolution. A rebel army was formed which fought for conservative values and principles. They sought to form a new government without the tyranny of political elites. By the year 2023, the Conservative Army had stormed Washington DC and forced the United States government to surrender. The United States government government was dissolved and The Republic of America was founded in it's place.

The Republic of America was now a beacon of conservatism which shined across the rest of the world. Some nations in South America took inspiration from the new republic and began Nationalist movements. The Nations of Brazil and Venezuela eventually went through civil wars of their own. These emerged as new nations with a conservative brand. Other countries in the region went through minor reforms as well.

Later in the 2030s, this revival of conservatism spread to Europe. This caused the withdraw of several nations from the EU, and eventually the destruction of the organization in 2039.

In 2041, Countries in the middle east saw these events as acts of extreme aggression against Islamic culture and religion. Therefore, Iraq, Syria, and Iran attempted to invade Israel, which was the most republicated country in the region. The invasion was a failure. This gave Israel the chance to call in it's two most powerful allies at the time, which were The Republic of America and India.

Growth of The New World Edit

The conflicts between Israel, The ROA, India and the Middle Eastern countries of Iraq, Syria, and Iran led to World War 3, which resulted in the republication of many Middle Eastern countries. This brought stability to the region long shrouded in war.

After this war, many nations had adopted a conservative culture. Society returned to what most Westerners would refer to as "The Reagan Era". The world had a new feel to it. Music was different, politics had changed extremely, new types of art where created, and the world we now today was shaped.

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