The New Liberal Party (often referred to as the New Liberals) are a centrist liberal political party in the United Kingdom.

The Liberal Democrats were formed in 2018 by a split from the failing Liberal Democrat party and more centre Conservative MP's and Councillors from the Conservative Party.

The New Liberal Party stood 650 candidates for the 2020 general election but did not succeed, picking up zero out of 650 seats, however in the Local Elections, they picked up 2,246 seats out of the 20,252 up for grabs.

The New Liberals have no specific leader standing for the party. This means their leadership is classed as 'collective' and means that there would be no Prime Minister, just the cabinet.

In 2018 when the party was founded, they gained a lot of membership behind them. Many from Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, but also from Labour and the Greens. The party showed they weren't from the 'old administration of the Lib Dems or the Tories', they were a breath of fresh air for UK politics aiming to achieve full equality (in the form of race, sexuality and gender) and fairness. All of these which the three main parties had never been able to achieve.

The main party policy is to widen the use of free market capitalism in the country, promote full gender, race and sexuality equality, make Britain 'green', strengthen ties with countries like Russia and North Korea and also make sure that their free market capitalism brings more money in to the economy, to inflate the 'welfare' state.

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