The New Civil War
Date June 22, 2015 - August 15, 2016
Location United States of America
Result America makes a deal: while the southern states can have slaves, slaves are illegal in the northern states.
United States of America

The New Civil War is another Civil War between the north and south over slavery.

Why the War Began

During 2015, drugs were big. Like soda or Kool-Aid now. Even kids got drunk. This made them want to have slaves. However, drugs were only popular in the south, while in the north drugs were still illegal, so they didn't have a desire for slaves.

Why the War Ended

At the White House, people discussed the problem. They decided to end the war. However, the government made a new law: only the northern states would be in the United States of America; the southern states would be known as the Confederate States of America, like it was during the first Civil War. But then the Confederate States wanted Cuba to be their government place, which began a new war.