New Zealand Empire

The greatest extent of the Brazilian Naval Empire in red, with the Australian Oceanic Union bordering it to the west in blue.

Image: Australi.png
The official Imperial Banner, which doubled as the national flag and naval ensign

The Naval Empire of Brazil was a short-lived empire during the Days of Global Darkness in the oceania region, existing from 2090-2091. This empire was hardly an empire, but a resistance group that claimed legitimate succession to the Brazilian Empire and continued to fight the Allies for over another year after the Brazilian Empire's defeat.


The Brazilian Imperial Navy always enjoyed much freedom from the government compared to the1 rest of the military. This was so the navy could patrol the coast of South America and make sure rebellions were put down or to make sure the coast was secure. The Emperor and government had too much to deal with to worry about rebellion. The Admiral had extreme power and was second only to the Emperor and a few of his most trusted officials. Former Supreme Admiral Lucas Martino said in his memoir, 'Resistance is Futile' (2117), that the NEB could trace itself all the way back to when the fifth emperor established a separate Navy base up on the west coast of South America in 2043.

Resistance and CreationEdit

After the nuclear bombs were dropped, the Brazilian Emperor agreed to a ceasefire and eventual a treaty. With the signing of the Treaty of America (December 2089) Admiral Martino refused to surrender and, in January of 2090, declared the naval captured areas in the pacific the Empire of Brazil, which is called the Naval Empire of Brazil, due to its strict military rule by the navy and lack of anything else. Though it was small, it had grand numbers and it still had many POW's and former Imperial Marines at their disposal. The Allies thought if would only be months before the naval fleet gave in, but resistance was abound. As the Allied navy was fighting and adopting a policy of WWII style island hopping, the NEB marines and soldiers slowly continued to push westward against Australia. The Admiral proclaimed himself Supreme Admiral and Emperor of Brazil and New Zealand. He kept order in the lands he controlled.


The Empire never had any prosperous era or low era, but more so just its creation and decline shortly afterwards. Because it was cut off from mainland Brazil, supplies were very limited and soldiers couldn't themselves be readily replaced, let alone kept alive with necessities. As the navy was being ground away, it began to lose many battles, along with the army as well. After a nearly simultaneous land and naval defeat, the Allies were at the doorstep of the Empire's capital. Australian-led allies stormed the shores of New Zealand on February 7th 2091 and Supreme Admiral Martino surrendered the military and land he controlled. This marked the complete end of The Brazilian Imperial War, The Brazilian Empire, The Naval Empire of Brazil, and the liberation of New Zealand after roughly half a decade of occupation.,

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