Below is the cabinet of Mitt Romney.

Office Name Term
President Mitt Romney 2013-2021
Vice President Paul Ryan 2013-2021
Secretary of State Robert Zoellick 2013-2021
Secretary of Treasury Glenn Hubbard 2013-2021
Secretary of Defense Jim Talent


Attorney General John Cornyn
Secretary of the Interior Brian Sandoval
Secretary of Agriculture Adam Putnam 2013-2021
Secretary of Commerce Kerry Healey
Secretary of Labor
Secretary of Health Services 2013-2021
Secretary of Human Services 2013-2021
Secretary of Housing Development
Secretary of Transportation
Secretary of Energy 2013-2021
Secretary of Veteran Affairs David Petraeus 2013-2021
Secretary of Homeland Security
Chief of Staff
Administrator of the EPA No One (Back at the state level)
Director of the Office of Management and Budget
Ambassador to the United Nations
US Trade Representative

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