The Mercenario War (2019 AD) — was an uprising of private military contractors formerly employed by the United States, backed by Mexican drug cartels revolting against the Mexican government. The war began as a dispute over the payment of money owed to the private military companies who where contracted by the Mexican government (which had lost much of its wealth due to the global economic recession) to help quell the revolting drug cartels. The dispute grew until the private military contractors seized Mexico City by force of arms, and directly threatened the Mexican government, which then capitulated to the private military contractors demands. The conflict would have ended there, had not two of the private military contractors commanders, Erik Prince and Gary Jackson persuaded the Mexican rebels to accept their leadership, and then convinced them that Mexico would exact vengeance for their part in the revolt once the foreign private military contractors left. They also persuaded the combined private military contractor organizations to rebel against the Mexican government. What had been a hotly contested "labor dispute" exploded into a full-scale war. Heavily outmatched in terms of troops and supplies, an unprepared Mexican army fared poorly in the initial engagements of the war, especially under the generalship of Guillermo Galván. In 2021 General Rodolfo Carranza was given supreme command, and defeated the contractors and rebels in 2022 AD.

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