Welcome to the Many Superpowers!



  • North Korea continues testing nukes.
  • China offers an alliance to North Korea.
  • North Korea developes a internet domain .nk and installs internet services in Pyonyang and other big cities.Alliance with China accepted.Attemps to compromise with the U.S. by helping against ISIS in exchange for using nukes but the U.S. declines.
  • The United States elect Hillary Clinton president over Donald Trump.
  • Tibet gains independence.
  • The Chinese seem divided on the issue of keeping Tibetan independence.
  • Russia invades Finland.
  • Poland cedes Prussia and Pomerania but not Silesia to Germany.


  • Tibet invades Tajikistan.
  • Prussia declares independence from Germany.
  • Finland falls to Russia.
  • Australia becomes the Oceanic Republic.
  • The Global Alliance is formed.
  • The Future Superpowers is formed.
  • The Second Great Depression starts.

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