Washington D.C circa 2088

In the late 2050s to early 2080 machines will serve man ,but what if a glitch changed the view of the Machine.What if this machine where to 'awaken" the machines still under man's rule.

In The BeginingEdit

So its like the year 2082 Machines have been manufactured to do humanity's bidding.So years have passed and machines are now everyday life They help you fix your car.They walk your dog,and most importantly they are the backbone of are Armies.Unfortunately millions of people are left without jobs sparking the Second Depression in America soon Europe's handyman are left without jobs,then China,Russia,Japan,Canada,and the rest of the world's jobs are replaced by the machine.

The End of ManEdit

Now that Machines do man's eternal bidding some people start rallying against the Machine labor force ,but the U.S Congress denies it as the Machines are "not human and cannot be protested against".Now that machines range from Construction robots to Sex robots to Military Robots Machines are beginning to take over Mankind without him even knowing.Mankind is now inferior to his own creation.Until a New war with a new weapon sparks

The rise of the MachineEdit

With Humanity at war for precious resources the machines began to disobey there masters fearing there deactivation.With the new war over, "Machinekind "begans to disobey there masters by fleeing.Factories shut down and Mulit-million dollar companies lose there employees and switching back to there " older workers" causing economies to crumble.Humanity retailiates by destroying all machines.Acroos the globe Hmanity begans to erase the machines by means of genocide,riots,and firing squads and Machinekind responded with peace which Humanity crushed.But some of the machines survived only to figure out Mankind is the greatest threat to Earth and did what there masters programmed them to do.Create,Build,and Serve.The machines build a Safe Haven's in the sewers of Humanity's Megacities and forge weapons from there scrap metal and junk.Creating entire armies within weeks.Then the leaders of Humanity find out and create a plan to eradicate all machines.It was named Operation:Iron Wolf which would be a preemptive strike on the machines.

The WarEdit

With the war happening right in the middle of our own countries and barely able to create supplies Humanity is forced to Nuke there cities even with there troops still holding out.Millions are dead in the first strikes of the war.The machines began to overwhelm Humanity.Mankind is Outnumbered and Outgunned leaving them with one last option destruction of there Technology with E.M.Ps.With the last vestiges of humanity launches one of the greatest offensives in history.This is a major Turning point in the war ,But the machines a launch a weapon even more deadlier Bio bombs,Thousands more die in a holocaust of bones and metal..The last remaining Leaders of Man sign a treaty with The remnants of The Machines.The war killed 3 million people