The Kyrat Revolution was a Civil War that occurred in Kyrat in the early twenty-thirties. The war took place nationwide, and resulted in 1,200 casualties.


When the nation of Kyrat was founded, its economy and its government consisted of Leftist Communists, Socialist, Globalists, etc. This caused the people of the nation to be oppressed severely. Citizens could not choose their profession, or lifestyle. Eventually, the extreme decline of leftist ideology in the world at the time persuaded the people to start a revolution, and end the tyranny.


The war was short, and easily won by the rebels. The revolutionists managed to get support from The Republic Of America, and with the extreme amount of equipment and soldiers. The capital was stormed and the government officials were captured by the rebels.


After the war ended, the people formed a new government, and deemed it as a "Democratic Republic"

This war is commonly used as an example of how Leftist Ideology was brought to a bitter end in the 2030's