The Justice War was a conflict between the Socialist Society Of Freedom, and The Republic Of America. It is commonly called The Justice War, because it allowed people to see the evils of Liberalism, Socialism, And Communism.


The Socialist Society Of Freedom (SSF) was created as a political terror group. Their cause was to invade The Republic Of America, and turn it into a Socialist, Libertarian government, the same government that destroyed The United States Of America.

The war began when the SSF launched a missile into New Florida, leading to the ROA taking action, and declaring war.


The war lasted two years, and was fought on both The ROA, and SSF grounds. Eventually The ROA prevailed over The SSF, and destroyed the organisation, and claimed their territory to expand the nation.


The war had a effect on the world by showing the dangerous traits of Liberalism, and Socialism. This caused many countries to ban these ideas.

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